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Virtual Mailboxes
Now you can view your snail mail from a mobile phone or computer anywhere in the world. New technology called Anytime Mailbox allows you to view all your mail and give us instructions to collect, forward or recycle your mail. Great for anyone who spends a lot of time away from the office. Call today to learn more about this great new tool that allows you to stay in touch while away from home or office.

Email Notification
Email notification alerts you when you have messages in your voice mailbox and allows you to listen to messages from your computer.

Part Time Office
Don’t need a full time office?  We offer a part time office option.  You get a fully furnished office 5 days per month for only $250/month.  Includes a private phone and high speed internet.  Great for mobile workers or those who travel frequently!  Call us at (913) 831-8490 to learn more.

Conference Rooms and Training Facilities
Now you can rent one of our 6 conference rooms on an hourly basis. Rates start at $25/hour. For your convenience we’ve added on-line schedules so you can check current conference room availability.

New Availability
Office suites are currently available at Plaza Pointe, College Corporate Centre and the West College Office Park in Lenexa. To see what offices and suites are available visit Now Available. Please contact David Rayl at (913) 387-2011 or for information on these offices.

Mobile technology has slowly nudged even the most traditional companies toward embracing a more open, flexible culture. We recently opened our first coworking site at ecafé in Overland Park to accommodate the needs of mobile workers. Does coworking make sense for you? For more information please visit

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