The Future

For those who still work in a traditional office environment with one assigned desk, cubicle, or office, this may seem like a pipe dream, but according to “The Future Work space”, by 2020, one in three people will have the ability to work anywhere they want. Mobile technology has slowly nudged even the most traditional companies toward embracing a more open, flexible culture. Mobile phones, wireless, coworking and coffee shops have given many people the opportunity to get out of the office, keep their job, and even more to a remote location.

Work has more than one mode. Space needs to be provided to suit a diversity of activities, be it for social interactions, group learning, focused tasks or collaborative teams. Technology is freeing us from the desk. The rapid development of portable communication and computing has created a new breed of nomadic, knowledge worker.

This summer we will be opening our first coworking center at ecafe in Overland Park.  Located close to the College Boulevard business corridor in southern Johnson County this will be a great opportunity to see if coworking is right for you?  To learn more visit ecafe.

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